Joe Velazquez

Joe Velazquez was born in Lübben (Spreewald), a town near Berlin, Germany. At the age of five his musical education started. He learned playing the piano for seven years in the Kreis-Musikschule Dame Spreewald. At the age of 18 Joe established the band The Gentlads. He produced one EP and composed over 25 songs for the band. This project lead to his first TV and Radio performances. Later, the Gentlads won their first prizes in contests. Meanwhile Joe composed several commercial songs and soundtracks for films.

After highschool graduation in 2014 Joe studied at the Middelsex University – London Audioproduction and Soundengeneering. While in school, he started the band PaintingColours. For PaintingColours4acb8e52632aa9b7c874b878eaf02bc4-spotify-icon-logo-by-vexels Joe was the song writer, lead the productions and developed the bands marketing strategy for multiple projects.

Furthermore, he composed the soundtrack for a film about the refugee crisis in Europe and the soundtrack for the short films “Verborgener Brief” and „Lüge“, under the auspices of German “Tatort” director Bodo Fürneisen. Several productions like the sound design for the motion picture “Therapie” by Felix Charin followed. In 2016 Joe realized the production of the short movie „Lone Lights“ near Berlin together with the award winning director Tobias Wolters. Actors Michael Ihnow and Maik Rogge were part of the movie as well.


In cooperation with Manager Andy Gold Joe works for the Music Agency Go1d Music+Solutions as Lead Producer, while working for the ABCD Agency Berlin as a Production Manager. In addition Joe teaches at the SAE Institute Berlin. Joe is constantly working on new music &  film projects. For example the sitcom TwoGether6-2-youtube-png-picture with the documentary filmmaker and journalist for WeltN24 and BLN.FM Kim von Ciriacy.